Serving The Advancement For Women’s Health

Dr. Barnett expertly and discreetly addresses breast complaints. As both a Board certified general and plastic surgeon, she is qualified to deal with all breast related problems from benign ones to cancer and beyond. She is highly respected by her peers for her reconstructive skills. Dr. Barnett has particular expertise in implant related problems. Patients come to her from across the US for these typical problems.

Dr. Barnett brings her skills as a surgeon as well as her perspective as a woman to achieving your goals safely. She will listen carefully to your needs. She will explain why she recommends certain treatments so that you can be a willing participant in achieving your goals.

For example, she may recommend against a certain size implant due to your unique body structure, but she will thoroughly explain why she feels this way and will help you find the right compromise. She never delegates this job to nurses or assistants because she feels strongly that your education and understanding are as important as her surgical skills.


Dr. Barnett uses only smooth saline implants. Why? Because of the many problems she has seen over the years with gel implants including ruptures. Gel implant ruptures are frequently undetected until problems arise.

If saline filled implants rupture, salt-water should not harm patients, as it is a major component of the body. Dr. Barnett is finding that saline implants rupture much less frequently than gels, particularly smooth salines. Additionally, she finds that they are less likely to get hard, which is the primary complaint about implants. They are especially less likely to get hard if they are placed under the muscle which is her preferred method.

Placing implants under the muscle means that they will have a more natural appearance and feel. There is a wide variety of incisions for placement of implants and Dr. Barnett will customize these to the individual patient. For more detailed information, please consult with the doctor.

Breast surgeries performed by Dr. Barnett:

Augmentation mammoplasties; reduction mammoplasties (standard and short scars); liposuction reduction; breast lift with or without implant reconstruction, expander/implant; autologous flaps including latissimus flap, TRAM flap, and FREE flap, as well as local flap.