Spa Treatments For Optimal Health

Mandala Med-Spa & Yoga Shala was designed by Dr. Barnett to further her vision of health and beauty. Dr. Barnett realized that her best esthetic surgery outcomes were often compromised if the patient was not eating right, smoked, or was stressed out. To this end, she created a sanctuary where patients can supportively receive treatments like acupuncture to help break bad habits such as overeating or smoking. Patients can also undergo stress rejection treatments such as massage, and learn Yoga or Pilates to increase their optimal health. Mandala Med-Spa & Yoga Shala also offers more traditional Spa services such as skin care.

Dr. Barnett hoped to emphasis preventative care and sought out practitioners of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine with its emphasis on balance. Since Dr. Barnett is Japanese-American and traveled extensively in Asia, she designed the Spa with an Asian theme celebrating Asia’s love of beauty and ritual healing. She married this with the highest standards of Western medicine from her Harvard-MIT background and named the Spa “Mandala”, the Sanskrit word which means “circle” or “center”.

Dr. Barnett has brought together an award winning team of Yoga instructors, massage therapists, estheticians, certified hypnotherapists, doctors of Chinese medicine and other dedicated individuals to bring this vision to fruition. She invites you to experience the Spa whether you simply wish to be pampered or have more serious healing issues at heart.

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